Dororo/Zeroro's mother.

Appearence: Her skin is light blue and her eyes are an even lighter blue. She wears a light blue dress with the four star shirkin symbol and a white rim. Zeromama has a bun in her hat to make it look like her has hair. A pin goes through her bun.

Personality: Very polite and caring. She tends to thank anyone she sees with Dororo for being his friend. She is rarely involved in fights, yet when it comes down to protecting Dororo, his friends or even herself if Dororo isn't around, her main weapons are a spatula and a frying pan. It makes her very upset when Dororo is hurt or if anyone or anything Dororo loves is hurt. She's very mother/ grandma-like to most of the younger keronians in the rp such as Taruru and Saskiki.

Roleplayer: Wolena


Dororo - Her son (obviously).

Zoruru - Dororo's boyfriend, therefore, something like a son/ friend/ close reletive to Zeromama. She only really sees him with Dororo, though.

Keromama - Keromama is Keroro's mother and Keroro is "friends" with Dororo, making Zeromama and Keromama close friends, too. Keromama and Zeromama could've also been friends in their childhood.

Aki - Another fellow mommy Zeromama met on Earth.

Deamon Sargeant - Same as Keromama, but he's a daddy.

Taruru - Somewhat like a grandson to Zeromama cause Taruru adresses her as "grandma".

Saskiki - Like a granddaughter to Zeromama.

Jirara - .................Not much.