The-Swizzle (or just simply Swizzle) is a member and moderator of KG-RP DA. Known for her tendency to account fail.

About this person:

Besides overseeing the KG-RP DA chatroom and Wiki, she also moderates the Keroro Platoon HQ forums and operates a Youtube account where she creates Keroro Gunso AMVs. Her spare time is spent doing one of three things: surfing addictive adoptable/pet sites such as Dragon Cave, Dragonadopters, and Subeta, fooling around in the KG-RP DA chatroom (the "regulars" have come to know her stupid internet to conk out several times during one session), or drawing in Photoshop. Many of the original character Deviantart icons have been drawn by her.

When she's not in the magical world of the internets, Swizzle is off working with children. She hopes someday to become an elementary school teacher pioneering the use of creativity in the classroom...and of course, a writer/illustrator on the side of that.

Also, she really, really likes Wartortles.



Deckhand Nagogo, Head Scientist Tomomo, Tribe Nurse Kanini, Hunter Dorara

Created characters (all):

Nagogo, Tomomo, Kanini, Kumomo, Jimeme, Disese