Tabibi ID

Tabibi, a girl born on Keron. It is unknown what her parents did on their free time or anything at all. All we know is, Tabibi's parents would abuse both her and her twin brother, Tobibi.They just couldn't take it anymore and ran away from home to live at one of Tobibi's friends house. From then on she grew up along side her brother in becoming strong enough to be part of the Keron army. However, Tabibi never got to be part of Tobibi's platoon. She holds her own platoon. At the moment, she has moved to Pekopon because of her brother.


Tabibi is extremely shy, mostly because of lack of friends and love in the past. She always stutters her words unless she is used to being around the person. Most of the time of people compliment her she will blush at any compliment. Being shy makes her very hard to socialize with, because of her lack of social skills.

She is a very happy, smiling person. You can always see her with a smile on her face, unless she is having a terrible day. However, even when she is having a terrible day she tries her hadest to hide it. She wouldn't want her friends worring about her. She is way too nice for her own good, she would do anything to get her friends to be happy.

Seeming to be a perfect girl, she has her strange interests. She loves abnormal things, whether they are cute or not. Things out of the ordinary are what she loves the most. Even if it comes down to strange plants, animals, rocks, stars, or food. She loves them all.

Fun Facts are FunEdit

  • The reason Slushy (the creator of Tabibi) came up with her: Needed a twin sister for, the already made, Tobibi for Alice Human Sacrifice pictures.
  • Tabibi looks like a cat because Tobibi's original first drawing was a cat
  • Her blue eye that is scared can see the good in people 8D
  • Her platoon mates are still......not created ^^;