The clingy and confused 7 year old

Appearance Edit

Sukaka is a bright green/light red Tadpole who bears resemblence to the Pekoponjin fruit, watermelon. His symbol is currently unknown as both his scarf and his goggles cover it from view. He wears an oversized scarf along with a pair of goggles as he thinks they're the best clothes in the world.

Personality Edit

He's usually happy-go-lucky sort of kid, usually happy even when things are looking very bleak. He tends to mistake most acts of kindness for being related to him as normally only relatives were nice to him. He also likes to imitate people by wearing a replica of an article of their clothing made of cardboard.

Hobbies Edit

He enjoys scavenging food in the trash as he's a homeless froggy, He also enjoys eating watermelons and spitting the seeds at strangers. He usually tries to find a place to stay in the end, normally sleeping in either dumpsters or a trash bin.

Relationships Edit

Melolo - Neh-chan/Sister

Kanini - 'Fishy mama'

Pirarah - 'Big brother'

Nagogo - 'Uncle poohead'

Saskiki - Box girl/'Goilfriend'

Shokoko - Socko-chan/Friend


JimmySempai made him somehow