Note: Saburo gained a new roleplayer only two months ago, so this page may seem rather lackluster until she can find more to shove him into.

Current Roleplayer's Idea of Backstory:

So, to begin with, has been clearly implied that his intelligence is far above normal. Additionally, it is likely (though the particular evidence for this is found in the manga) that he lives in an apartment, presumably by himself. Since the parents of "smart" children tend to pressure the children in question academically, there is no reason to assume that Saburo was an exception. His parents were not precisely unkind, and he initially complied with most of their goals for him. However, because of the demands made on him, and even simply snippets of conversation that he managed to overhear, he built up some idea of his own intelligence, and grew arrogant and independent as a result (around six, after he had been in school for a while). His parents assumed that this new desire to avoid hugs and open displays of affection was merely his choice, and though the would not have denied him these, they also saw no reason to press them on him. However, those abovementioned pressures and occasional bullying built up an actual need for such affections, even if he refused to recognize it. He was quite resilient, but still a child, and so could be shaken easily by words. Still, he kept to himself.

These independent tendencies and belief in his own abilities eventually brought him into conflict with his parents, and he was able to move out and transfer schools.

(More will be added, this is just a general idea, and entirely fanmade (which is obvious). It's the product of curiosity and too much free time, created for the sake of the roleplay group.)

TV Tropes that apply to Saburo: Edit

Art Imitates Life : With the help of the Reality Pen.

Bishie Sparkle :He owns this trope. Completely.

Badass Normal

Brilliant But Lazy

Demonic Possession Happened to him after fighting Onini.

Green Lantern Ring

Odd Friendship

What Beautiful Eyes : Perhaps a matter of opinion, but his eyes, in terms of both color and the way they are sometimes drawn, can be quite striking.

White Haired Pretty Boy