Once upon a time, there was a person named Gilolo-chan who came to the KG-RP DA chats. On her page was a 'description' of her character, written in script form. It tried to tell the dramatic tale of Gilolo having to escape being killed by an explosion of some kind while her mother was left behind. One line was, "Gilolo's MOM: Gilolo Run for speed." It became a meme.

Actual Text from Gilolo-chan's page

Gilolo Is living with her mother and father did not see at all and in one day Came out with her mother for a walk and then start a strange explosion
Gilolo's MOM: Gilolo Run for speed.
Gilolo: I can not go without you, Mom
Gilolo's MOM: GO NOW
Gilolo ((she run))she was looking for her mother but she can't find her anywhere ((She was a child)) she Sits in a place doesn't know wher is she.
Garuru: ((have found Gilolo)). he ask her "who R U little Girl".
Gilolo: my name is Gilolo and i'm LOST.
Garuru: Would you like to go with me to the home.
Gilolo: okay.
Garuru: OK THEN come on!
Gilolo:think you.
Garuru: you are welcome.
"She lived with Garuro and Giroro"