Rubin is a newer roleplayer to the Keroro RP. She joined as Botanist Melolo in early November.

Rubin is commonly known to randomly "brb" in chats without actually saying so. although it can be family issues, it's usually because she forgets she's in a chat room.

She tends to join the chat Naked, as she sometimes refreshes the chat while being on her main account, or one of her rp accounts on another group.

She's also noted for her stalking, as she's been reading the conversations between other roleplayers and keeping in touch with the events ever since Dark Keroro's Invasion. This could be because of her early roleplaying with Saskiki as her OC, Senavi, but also her hesitation to join could of made her poke around and see if it would be a good to join another group. despite already having one to remember to log in.

Rubin is also known that, barring Melolo, she is known to rp characters with a "limitation;" such as making the character blind or mute.

As of now, she roleplays Botanist Melolo and Vincent.