Non-Account Characters (or NAC's) can be anywhere from offhandedly mentioned to reoccurring characters who do not have an account of their own.

Boshishi is the son of Uchichi and Norere. He is a very timid and easily frightened 6 year old Keronian/Axolotl hybrid with psychic powers. He often pops up in the OOC chat at the mention of Yamimi, a Puddlebaby who is crushing on him and enjoys stalking the boy due to the fact that his powers make him able to communicate with the otherwise mute girl. Giruru does not approve of his daughter's 'boyfriend' and often threatens and scares Boshishi, regardless of the fact he only sees Yamimi as a friend. Another connection he has is with Gijiji, who lives with his family. Their relationship can be summed up as that of an uncle and nephew. When they met, something about Gijiji clicked on part of Boshishi's mind, creating a psychic/emotional link between the two. It so far seems to only be one-sided; Gijiji's mood effects Boshishi, but not the other way around.This can be good, but tends to usually be bad. Especially when it comes to the adult becoming... intimate. Especially when Boshishi is stuck at school when this occurs. IrkenSnax has been debating bringing him in as her third original character, though has so far not concluded it.


Captain of the Devil Fish Tribe. His room has been messed up and even destroyed in a few rps.


Most of the Puddlebabies are so far NAC's. However, two of them, Gigege and Karuru, have their own accounts.

Uchichi began as a NAC. She was brought in to explain why pictures with yaoi-undertones were appearing on the (then) straight-as-an-arrow Norere's dA page. It is claimed that she hacked into his account and posted them just to mess with him. She was later picked up as IrkenSnax's second original character.