Maikuku, who first started out as a normal Hyrulian human, now a Hyrulian Keronjin.

Appearance: His skin is a blue colour, and he is still a tadpole Keronjin. His hat is red. His eyes are a cyan colour. His insignia is the Triforce, which in his families history, means the one who is birthed with that mark, is the one who is destined to save the world from a huge disaster, with the powers of the Triforce. On his face, a scar lingers from a small fit he got into with his friend... A human, female friend who couldn't hold a sword for beans. It pretty much explains itself from there. As a human, he has a moderate tan. His hair is spiked forward sort of, and is blue. He wears a green shirt with the Triforce on it. His jeans have worn out rips in the knees. His left arm is robotic.

Personality: He's pretty much a dead-brained Keronjin, but he loves to fight a lot. When he changes between Pekoponjin and Keronjin, his personality changed a bit, too. As a human, he gets more serious, but tends to be a dumb idiot most of the time. As a Keronjin, he tends to act more sweet and innocent, though he really isn't. He's a twisted, pervert, and even somewhat of a pedo, if you set him up for it.

History: Maikuku was born under his demonic king father, Onini, and his Queen mother, <insert name I have yet to come up with here>. Growing up was a royal pain, especially under his father's powers, which would often be in creating monsters without the Queen knowing, plotting to put her down and take over the land. Maikuku would often discover him in his acts, and would be punished. Severely. His father would put him upto his "creations", torturing him. Each night, his mother would be his protector, putting him to rest with a lullaby. Ever since such events, if he were to hear this, it would immediately knock him out. At age 8, he broke lose of all this after his father had successfully killed Maiku's mother, (whom was later sealed within Maiku's triad insignia), and stole one of his father's ships, and blasted off to Earth. Apon landing, he finds someone. Without warning, he attacks, and renders them unconcious, and steals their Earthen form, which is where he has his human form today.

Maikuku is an Original Character that belongs to MajorasMask12.