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Maveve is a orange tadpole with pale blue eyes. He wears a black, hat that is slightly squared at the top and is constantly seen wearing a red and yellow striped scarf. His symbol is the Pices symbol.


Maveve's creator originally intended him to see like he wasn't all....there (they aren't sure if he still holds true to this during RP's.) He's a friendly keronian that likes meeting new people and making friends. Sometimes he can be naiive to the point of seeming foolish. He is interested in sciences and is a good student. In school, he is a shy keronian during classtimes but smart. Sometimes he is very shy and in class some times he has bursts of giddyness/smartness (but it's not a split personality).

He is eccentric when you meet him and only get more so as you know him more. He likes reading, randomness, learning, music, bad puns, and collecting rocks among his many interests.

However, if there is any sort of fire, Maveve will go nuts and try and make the fire "bigger and prettier." In other words, he sets things on fire until someone stops him by either knocking him out or throwing some water on him. He developed this quirk from hanging out with a certain friend (not in the RP) of his in the past...

Maveve doesn't care about being called wierd but some synonyms (like odd ball) he doesn't like to be called.


Maveve enjoys learning things, reading, meeting new friends, getting told sciency jokes or bad puns, setting things on fire and experimenting. Sometimes he tests his inventions on people (with permission usually) or if there's no one to test them on, he self-tests (which rarely happens).


-To be improved- Maveve's birth is unclear since he is adopted. His parents (Shitsutsu and Tsuyaya) got him from an orphanage when he was around one.



A list of inventions: Matter-change gun: A button that can change your appearance by re-arranging matter. It can also change the state of matter (for example, thanks to the gun Giruru is now a solid-form keronian.) Anti-daigun: A gun that can change people who were turned dai from Dark Keroro's Invasion back to their normal selves


Sometimes he conducts surveys for the fun of it:

1. Cookies survey: survey group: assassins/sales guys
total surveyed: 6
surveyors name:
dan the salesman
replies: 6/6
dislikes: 1
optional info:
injuries obtained during the survey:
broken wrist (right)-kagege


-In the RP he is friends with Jirara (Jirara often pats him)