Lunana ( ルナナ) is an original character created by Sharlot3. She is a young keronian with an artistic talent.


Lunana is a pinkish-red keronian. She wears a brown hat with two white bows on either side of it, and has two carrot-shaped swirls on both sides of her head as of which are the same color as her skin. Her symbol is a crescent moon with a small star and a brown background. Her eyes have a yellowish-orange tint to it giving them a slight glow, and below are a long set of freckles that dance across her face.


She is a very shy, but loving character. When she gets to know people, she tends to be a bit more social and isn't afraid to say something more on the deeper side. She's the type to befriend someone in need or having difficulties in life, and loves to help out. She has an intense interest in art and isn't afraid to say something about it (depends if he/she is a keronian or human).