• Karen grew up with out much interaction from her parents. Even as a toddler they lost focus, she even got eletrocuted once because they weren't paying attention!
  • At the age of seven her parents went out of the country for their work leaving Karen alone to fend for herself. Thankfully she had some very close friends who helped her through the tough times and kept her from going insane. Because of this Karen is very independent. She cleans her house, cooks, shops, and luckly her parents had not forgoten about her so they pay the bills and such. The summer of 2010 she had a boyfriend, they broke up just a few days before Karen was changed. This did not put her in the best of moods. Then she was turned into a creature she didn't even know existed! Talk about a great way to end the summer!

Little Facts:

Karen is stubborn

Has a crazy pit bull in the yard next to her's