Girl-Who-Draws is known as LeeAnn, and she is a big fat lazy fool who will never understand wiki.

she plays Dark-Keroro and Gyororo, and her own original character Lalala.

LA's antisocial, gais, srry.

She digs those glasses that look like window blinds. Her favorite smell is right after you vaccume. She's also a music freak. Don't ask her to share music with you or you will open the flood gates. She loves to draw you guys and your crazy fetishes characters, too, so if you want some free arts just hit her up on any of her accounts. Other things she's insanly addicted to include: TF2, Lazy Town, JTHM, her best friend Kururu, and GIRAFFES.

I've lost my mobile phone, you'll have to call my home... on second thought just leave a message when you hear the tone.