Debaba was born on Keron. His family was very poor, so they decided to sell him to science. The scientists would pay his parents everytime they wished to do an experiment on him. He has done this for years. Until one day, the scientists decided to fuse him with a man eating plant called the Deku Baba. When the fusion was done, out came Debaba the man eating Deku Baba Hybrid. He freaked out when he lost his sight and had no idea what was going on.

When he had gotten home with one of the scientists in the lab. His parents flipped out and refused to take him back. The scientist and his parents were arguing over taking him. His parents were frightened of him and the scientist knew the boy needed a home. Debaba couldn't stand the fighting anymore so he slaughtered them. Not really knowing what came over him he screamed in aggony. The rest of the scientists decided he was far too dangerous to live on Keron. So, the transferred him to Pekopon, where he can't cause them any trouble.


Debaba is one who hardly shows his emotions. Altough he does all the time. He is just still a kid and wants to have fun. Not being able to see at all frustrates him so much. He tries to not let it get the best of him though. With the same cheshire smile on his face he goes on the search for fun.

Hunger is one of his biggest problems. Being hungry all the time with three mouths to feed is alot. Also, since he has no home he lives in the forest to hunt for his next meal. He doesn't ever endanger the pekoponian on the plant, unless they get in his way of course. He can eat anything if he is really that hungry. However, one of his few friends told him that eating raw meat will get him sick. He doesn't believe this and continues to do so as he wishes.

When around females he can be very shy unless he already knows them. He's never really felt love because of the tests and the taunting at school. Not to mention his parents selling him and not wanting him after the fusion. His first love Yokoko, seemed to have liked him. Which puzzles him cuz everyone would always tell him he's scary, and frightening. He likes her alot to, because she is so nice to him and loves to be near him.

Fun Fact are Fun~Edit

  • Deku Baba is from the video game The Legend Of Zelda
  • His nickname is Crocco, because Slushy's friend couldn't remember Debaba's name and named him after his X-box username- Crocco.
  • Debaba uses the Deku nuts to grow iver sized Deku Baba's in battle.
  • Being part plant gives him the ability to regerate his body limbs
  • All of the plants Debaba has, have different personalities.